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  • For a review and discussion of the new groundbreaking book by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau and Colin Armstrong, The Architecture of Human Living Fascia please read: “Into the Fibrillar Jungle with Dr. Guimberteau
  • For a discussion of some of the latest discoveries in Fascia, please read my review of Fascia:The Tensional Network edited by Robert Schleip and Melt by Sue Hickman, “Notes from the Fascial Revolution.
  • For a discussion of stretching as it relates to fascia, please read my review of Stretch to Win by Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick (Human Kinetics 2006), “The Gestalt of Stretching.”  
  • For a discussion of Biotensegrity, how the architectural concept of tensegrity created by Buckminster Fuller applies to the human body, please read my review of Biotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life by British osteopath Graham Scarr (Handspring Press 2014), “Biotensegrity: Paradigm Shift.” 
  • For a discussion of the role fascia plays in sport, both in relation to performance and injuries, please read my review of Fascia in Sport and Movement by Robert Schleip and Amanda Baker, Foreword by Thomas W. Findley (Handspring Publishing 2015).


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